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What is the user experience in SEO?搜索引擎优化的用户体验是什么?


  Over the past few years, search engines such as Google, Bing, and even Apple, has been upgrading their algorithms and machine learning process of the final user experience. However, because of their algorithms by automatic crawlers (software pieces of artificial scour the Internet) to complete the construction work, it has been difficult for them to simulate a real flesh and blood of the user’s actions. This is not behavior but they can create an algorithm based on individual users to submit their findings army anecdotal feedback.

  Instead, search engines have started to write logic, their best estimate, is the user experience should be the content of a website. Some of them are now measure the speed of the site, mobile optimization, site structure, content, and dozens of algorithms should be given whether or not the search engine users to get an idea of what they expect from the site and other signals.


  So, what does this mean for businesses, businesses and website owners when it comes to its own search engine optimization?

  Basically, I, and dozens of other SEO (搜索引擎优化)industry experts have been writing for years, and now has come to fruition. We have exited the search engine optimization (SEO搜索引擎优化) era, has now entered the search experience optimization (also …… SEO) of a new era.

  This is good news for anyone to perform digital marketing correctly. This means that the “game” the system has become less and less feasible, and who rely on black hat techniques groups see their efforts to become less effective.

  How, then, should be the site search engine optimization, user experience now plays such a big role?

  Ask questions, offer answers.

  Previously, the idea of marketing to obsess like keyword density, meta description, and link profiles. They have everything down to percentages and numbers, when it is placed into the Excel spreadsheet in it all makes sense. But how on Earth is built from the data in a person should attract an Excel worksheet a website?

  This is a search engine started to address this problem. And you need to adapt to their changes.

  Specifically, you need to think about your website visitors to your web design and each stage of the sales process. So you can use a series of questions and answers review you can ask yourself, you are creating your marketing campaign is very easy to do.

  For example, if you are designing a web page, you want to know how to make it appear in Google search results, you should ask your customer enters into a search engine start. It sounds very simple, but think it through for a while. Prior to optimize marketing terms, such as “snow tire” or “weight loss products.” But the search habits have become more semantic, people generally no longer typing, but they are asking questions.

  Therefore, the search term “snow tires” has evolved into “What is the 2008 Ford F150 best snow tires?”

  And it has begun to answer those in the search engine rankings, winning their customer’s problem companies. So stop fretting over how many times you put on your web page written content keywords, start asking yourself what your customers need help.

  Embrace move.

  If you have lived under a rock for 10 years, you may be surprised to hear that most people use smart phones and now smartphones accounted for search desktop search more search volume. However, if you have been living in the world and the rest of us, it’s not too surprising. So, if everyone is using mobile devices to browse the page, you should also be able to optimize mobile traffic to your site?

  Last year, Google released through clearly improved mobile optimized sites in their sub-optimal algorithm main rival search engine visibility updated in SEO(搜索引擎优化) circles waves. It is through careful marketing called “mobilegeddon”. While it’s not end of the world, it did not cause a stir and digital marketing.

  Across the board, mobilegeddon lead to reshuffle the relevant search results, it does not just affect small businesses. In fact, 40% of Fortune 500 web site without a mobile phone in the updated time were optimized. It’s amazing, when you think it all just happened less than a year ago. Therefore, some big brands to hit their online status.

  And this is what we teach, in pain and in some cases, we need to give priority to start the mobile Internet users. You see, mobile users do not have the same bandwidth for desktop users. They have data limits, and often their network speed is much lower than a desktop computer. So, if they try to interact with large amounts of data have to load pages and animation, which will allow them to really see what their mobile devices to take forever. Among them, as we have been discussing, is not the ideal user experience.

  Therefore, instead of creating a Web site, from the visual point of view dramatic, but running on a hamster wheel need the equivalent of millions of electrical switchboard efforts to manage all data and byte of your site visitors are thrown, you should there may be more “minimalist” approach to go.

  I recently sat down with Mitul Gandhi, a SEO(搜索引擎优化)expert, SEO(搜索引擎优化)Clarity one of the founders of a new generation of enterprise-class search engine optimization platform.


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